The Health Technologies Distribution Alliance (HTDA) was developed to benefit patients globally. Its purpose is to facilitate, standardize, and secure each and every step of the process involved in developing new drugs and health technologies, from the first clinical trial to the point of patient use. These processes are incredibly complex and variable, with many points of potential vulnerability along the way. The goal of HTDA is to ensure that therapies are safely developed in areas of need by facilitating the implementation of appropriate infrastructure for clinical trials, promoting regulatory compliance, training employees for manufacturing, ensuring secure packaging, warehousing and transportation, and advocating for impactful distribution. HTDA will promote the integrity of health products worldwide through advocacy for research funding and fiscal incentives in areas not traditionally involved, but where appropriate populations for health technology development exist. By fostering a collaborative dialogue between key industry sectors, governments, and stakeholders, HTDA will positively impact the life sciences industry by promoting solutions to address needs and improve outcomes in areas with fast growing patient populations.