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Health Technologies Distribution Alliance


Miami, FL, November 3, 2015

The Health Technologies Distribution Alliance (HTDA) was formed to help address the need for increased innovation, standardization, and compliance in the areas of drug development, manufacturing, and distribution.

With growing patient populations globally, collaboration is needed to ensure that each step of the process involved in developing new drugs and health technologies is robust, from the first clinical trial to the point of patient use.

“The goal of HTDA is to ensure that therapies are safely developed in areas of need by facilitating the implementation of appropriate infrastructure for clinical trials, promoting regulatory compliance, training employees for manufacturing, ensuring secure warehousing and transportation, and advocating for impactful distribution. The MIA Pharma Hub is a good example of an initiative spearheaded by HTDA to promote handling compliance, creation of specialized infrastructure and training to facilitate the transportation of pharmaceutical products to patients.” remarked Leandro Moreira, Director of Life Sciences at Brink’s Global Services, and HTDA Chairman.

“With the growth of its elderly populations and its medical institutions, Miami and its surrounding counties have a unique opportunity to build the infrastructure needed to become a leader in the development and the delivery of health care services and products to its citizens and to become a gateway for the larger communities that it serves.” said Dr. Stephen Nimer, Director of the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and a Professor of Medicine, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, and member of HTDA board of directors.

“More patients have access to health care and rely on pharmaceutical products and medical devices. It is important for us to be engaged in global partnerships to facilitate impactful drug and device development, as well as delivery, to our patients,” said Dr. Florentino de Araujo Cardoso Filho, President of the Brazilian Medical Association, and member of HTDA board of directors.

HTDA will promote the integrity of health products worldwide through advocacy for research funding and fiscal incentives in areas not traditionally involved, but where appropriate populations for health technology development exist. By fostering a collaborative dialogue between key industry sectors, governments, and stakeholders, HTDA will positively impact the life sciences industry by promoting solutions to address needs and improve outcomes in areas with fast growing patient populations. For more information, please contact