The key components of HTDA include:

  •  Discovery and Development: to incentivize the development of new health technologies by fostering collaboration between the pharmaceutical/device industry and researchers located in areas containing representative patient populations
  •  Regulatory: to help shape regulations and provide guidance in order to increase efficiencies and promote industry compliance
  •  Training & Seminars: to provide specific training to ensure qualification of professionals working in various life sciences industry functions
  •  Legislative: to liaise with government to attain fiscal incentives and grants to fund medical research, drug development, and the creation of pharmaceutical/device manufacturing clusters in strategic regions
  •  Port Infrastructure: to work with air and sea ports to develop infrastructure and processes specific to life sciences industry needs and regulations
  •  Logistics and Distribution: to facilitate secure and compliant transportation and warehousing, and encourage distribution to areas of need to improve patient care worldwide
  •  Industry Partnership: to form mutually beneficial relationships with those in the pharmaceutical/device industry to encourage innovation, increase efficiency, and reduce cost and redundancy
  •  Capital Improvement: to form developmental clusters in strategic regions for the implementation of clinical trials, and the building of manufacturing/distribution centers
  •  Law Enforcement: to partner with appropriate agencies to ensure safe delivery with minimization of diversion, theft and counterfeit of pharmaceutical/medical product